Points To Consider When Purchasing Medical Exam Room Tables

tablesWhen you enter medical profession, other than performing good medical practice, you need to have good medical exam equipment in order to carry out the practice efficiently.

You may find a variety of medical equipment when you visit a dealer for purchasing it. These furniture’s come in types, brands, and manufacturers of medical exam tables in the market so it becomes quiet imperative for you to choose wisely like what type of furniture will best suit your needs.

Apparently, if you want to buy the best deal without compromising on the quality, then it is advisable to find out a reliable manufacturer who will not only help you in buying quality furniture but at the same time will provide you the kind of furniture that will suit your requirements.

However, before you finalize the deal, here are a few things that you should consider-

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to look for your requirements well before visiting a dealer, as this will ensure you that you are buying the right gear. In addition, it is very important to purchase the furniture according to your practice. Make sure that you are buying the right medical exam room tables or any other furniture, as buying any will not serve your purpose well rather it lead to sheer waste of your money along with unnecessary bother.

Secondly, when you will be having look of furniture, don’t forget to get acquainted with all the features and specification that the furniture has so that you are able to choose the right one.

Thirdly, if you are looking for a quality product then make sure you take assistance of a reputed and a reliable manufacturer. This will not only assure you that you are buying the right product but also at the same time will give you sense of inner satisfaction that you have chosen the right deal. You can choose a reliable manufacturer by surfing well around your place or searching on the internet. You can take help from references, read online reviews, and ask your colleagues about the medical furniture and their advantages.

Last but not the least, when you are buying the product make sure that you get the warranty card signed by the manufacturer. This is to ensure that if incase your product is damaged you can easily get it repaired or replaced easily.


Top Factors To Consider While Buying Medical Exam Room Furniture

Are you looking for medical examination room furniture for your clinic or hospital? Well, buying furniture for a medical exam room is something that requires a lot of knowledge and attention. One needs to survey around to look for the best supplier in the area.


Moreover, you can easily find number of top manufacturers and brands that deals with medical room furniture. Therefore, it becomes very important to shop for the best furniture for your clinic or hospital.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider while buying furniture specifically for your medical exam room-

  • Choose the right furniture– Medical furniture includes medical exam tables, scanner cart, C-arm table, lead lined cabinet and many more. Therefore, make sure you choose the appropriate furniture according to your need and requirement. Before finalizing or making any payments, make sure you buy good quality furniture. You must know about all the specifications and details of the furniture before buying to ensure that you are buying the right furniture according to your needs.

  • Reliable source- For good quality products, it is very important to contact a reliable manufacturer. Buying furniture from a reputed and reliable manufacturer makes you sure and gives you satisfaction that your money is not wasted and will further save your time that might be wasted on visiting the manufacturer again and again in case of a damaged furniture.

  • Experience- Apart from reliability, make sure that you buy all the needed furniture from an experienced manufacturer. A manufacturer having years of experience in the industry will gives you confidence that you are contacting the most reliable source in the market that will deliver you just the right products according to your requirements.

  • Research wisely- In order to find the best manufacturer, you need to research well. You can take references from your family or friends or can research online, read testimonials and reviews about the particular manufacturer. You can even ask the other physicians or clinics about the medical room furniture.

  • Price- Price is the most important factor that you need to consider before buying any kind of furniture. Firstly, you must set your budget and after that compare the prices with other dealers in the market. In addition, do not forget to check the seller’s customer service history to know more about his service.

All You Need To Know About Medical Exam Equipment

MedicalequipmentMedical exam equipment is one of the most imperative equipment that is widely used in numerous health industries including clinics, hospitals and laboratories. It assists the practitioners, nurses and other health care specialists in order to carry out numerous health care procedures.

Although there are many types of equipments used in health care centers and among all of them, medical exam table are most commonly used in medical industry.

Apparently, if you are running any health care center and looking forward to bring these equipment at the center for carrying out various functions then you should get it done.

However, before finalizing which one to buy and from where to buy it is important to know about your requirements and consider budget so that you don’t face any problem in future. Moreover, it is important to have prior knowledge about its parts and components so that you go for the best deal.

In order to gain knowledge about the parts and its components, below are parts and components of medical exam equipment in NYC or elsewhere-

Battery backup
In medical exam table, you may find standard battery pack with its voltage range of 110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz). Other than this, you may find many unique features in this type of table including automatic recharge services.

Hand and foot controllers
Other benefit of this table is hand and foot controller that includes a table height, motion for easy move of the table, and adjustable back in which hand and foot controllers are installed within the table.

Wheels and brakes
Another feature of medical exam table is wheel and brakes that usually come with diameter of five wheels.  This will help to move the table from on position to another. Moreover, lock is attached in order to stop the movement of table. If in future you want to unfix the position, you can release the brakes.

Knee crutches
A knee crutch helps a lot and is the major feature of the table. Whenever the doctors are conducting treatment on the patient, they can easily position the table, with the help of knee crutches. One will also get the opportunity to adjust height and leg angle.

Therefore, if buying medical table, make sure that you look for a reliable place to buy the product so that the quality is not compromised.

Ways To Find A Reliable Hospital Supplier Around Your Place

Whatever business you are running, whether electronic, hospitality, or any other types, you always require a supplier for supplying products. They can either make your work easier or can create challenges for you that can be little annoying at times.

However, if we talk about hospitality then one cannot afford any disruption in their work because of carelessness of the supplier. This can harm the reputation of the whole hospital.

hospitalsuppliesTherefore, one needs to consider many factors while choosing a supplier for hospital supplies in NYC or any other place-

Established supplier-first thing that you need to consider is that you need to look for an established supplier who holds good reputation in the market. Moreover, the supplier should be able to provide you devices that are branded at wholesale rates. However, make sure that they don’t compromise with the quality of each product you purchase. The best way to find such suppliers is to surf online for the reputed suppliers in your city who are known for providing quality services to their customers and get in touch with them in no time.

Availability of all medical supplies-next thing that you need to consider is the availability of the products. Usually due to demand for surgical supplies in the hospitals, some suppliers fail to provide the stock due to unavailability. Therefore, make sure that the supplier has huge stock of medical supplies available with him so that if incase you fall short of these products, then the supplier has in stock and can make it available in no time. It is advisable to go for suppliers who has ample of stock availability that may not end even if the demand is high.

Don’t stick to one place-the most important thing that you should follow is that while choosing a supplier, you should not stick to one place even if they provide top notch services to you. Some people commit this mistake quiet often in sequence of getting huge discounts offered by the supplier and fail to understand the actual picture. You can instead look for some other companies as well, as they may offer the same product at lower prices.

Above are some of the points that you should consider while purchasing hospital supplies. This will not only help you to do right dealing but will keep you away from unnecessary hassling if you fall short of products.

What Benefits Do Medical Exam Tables Provides To Health Professionals?

Undoubtedly, every health care centers require a physician, nurses, and other healthcare faculties. Other than this, you cannot deny the fact that every health centers require essential medical equipment that includes medical furniture and many more. Everything has its own role to play for overall functioning of any hospital.

However, if we talk about medical exam room tables in NYC, these tables play an important role in both doctors and patients life. Doctors use these tables to conduct medical examination on the patient. If proper tables are not placed in the examination rooms, then doctors will not be able to perform diagnose on the patient and gather essential information.

Therefore, it is imperative to use fully equipped tables in the examination room, as this can benefit the doctors in lot many ways like-

  • The exam table provides full comfort to the patients when they either sit or lie down on the table.

  • Doctors can use exam tables to examine patient or to carry specialty examination like pelvic examination.

  • These tables allow the doctor to contort the table into different positions. This allows the doctor to review patient.

  • Other than this, exam tables assist the physicians to bring the patient up to the height of the doctor so that both the doctors as well as the patient do not face any inconvenience.

  • It also keeps the doctors aside from back strain like, they use to before when they use to bend in order to carry certain procedures on the patients.

Following are some of the features of the exam tables

Steps-Steps are included in the table that helps the patient with low height to sit or lie on the table with assistance of the step. The steps are fully adjustable and can be heightened or lowered according to the patient’s height.

Backrest– backrest feature of the exam table helps the patient in lot of ways, as patient can adjust themselves according to their own comfort. Moreover, doctor can move patient’s body within reach of their arm.

Stirrups-The stirrup are also the part of exam table that helps the female during pelvic exam. It can be separated from the table to help the female patient get ready.

Drawers-In addition, provision for drawers are also available that allows the doctors to store the necessary things that are required at the time of examination.

Important features that you need to consider before buying an ultrasound table

Be it a hospital, clinic, or any other healthcare institution, medical exam tables are required everywhere. These tables are required for different purposes and there is variety of tables available, which includes the basic tables, tables for various treatments, gynecology exam tables, and tables for other purposes.screenshot-www towermedicalsystems com 2015-08-12 12-53-33

However, if you are planning to buy ultrasound tables for your hospitals, make sure to take into account all the necessary features of the tables before buying.

  • Firstly, always check the wheels and brakes of the table properly. These medical tables are frequently moved from one room to another for carrying out different medical examinations. So make sure that the wheels are designed smoothly and allow easy mobility so that the patients can be moved freely from an exam room to a procedure room without any difficulty. Normally, the ultrasound table has 2-inch casters. Moreover, apart from wheels, brakes are equally important. Mostly the table wheels have lock system, which helps to secure the table on the floor and prevent any movement.

  • Stirrups are an important feature of these medical tables. Easy adjustable stirrups are designed to adjust the ankle position of the patient while carrying out any medical examination. Once the foot section is lowered, the stirrups are easily slid out and moved to the position that best fits the procedure.

  • These tables are also available with handheld controller as well. These controllers are used to adjust the position of the table according to the patient’s requirement. This controller is used to activate height and motion. There are two types of handheld controllers’ i.e. handheld remote and foot controller. The handheld remote is used to adjust the height of the table depending on the patient’s height and comfort whereas the foot controller is used to adjust the back of the table according to the patient’s position.

  • Now days, these tables comes with a new battery feature which allows the movement of table automatically. With the introduction of this feature, it has become convenient to carry patient all around the hospital. Therefore, if you are planning to buy, you can consider the table with the battery feature.

  • Look for knee crutches, which are important to hold the patient knee in the right position. The knee should be adjusted in a manner that nothing wrong occurs because of the movement.

Therefore, do not forget to look for the aforementioned features, if you are planning to buy a medical table for your clinic of hospital.

How Stretchers helps patients and medical personnel?

Most commonly used in medical units, stretchers are one of the most valuable tools used by medical rescue personnel. These are used when an injured person has to be safely transported. Those are the times when these medical beds provide ease to the people in health care to easily take the patient from one place to another.blog

Stretchers have various types that can be selected depending on what purpose they are needed for. Take a look at the most common purposes for which people use this tool.

As we mentioned earlier its most common usage is to transport injured and wounded people from site of accident in a way that causes the person minimum possible amount of discomfort and pain during movement.

Carrying an injured person on the stretcher keeps him safe from further injury, until the time he has been safely transferred to the rescue vehicle. In situations where the patient sustains spine related injures spine boards are used to immobile any back related movements.

Reeves stretchers are good when obese people need to be moved. They minimize the distress while the personnel is doing all the lifting and carrying related work.

Call it exam room furniture or just a transportation bed, it is one of the most important equipment in a medical facility.

Stretchers typically come with locking mechanism which prevents them from accidently moving along with the vehicle, to avoid injuries to the other people while they are doing their job.

These beds come with straps to hold the patient in right posture when the vehicle is moving, as a way to avoid the wound from aggravating. This way they function like a pain management table. Most of these also come with insulating mechanism to avoid the person from suffering from hypothermia while in transit period.

Not only ambulatory services, but stretchers are largely used as medical beds by doctors in hospitals. In hospitals these are used for easily transporting patients to treatment facility, without making them uncomfortable due to change in bodily movements.

If a patient is scheduled for some surgical process, he is placed first on a stretcher to facilitate easy movement through different areas in a hospital where the treatment facility is located. The height of stretcher is usually adjustable which makes it easy to transfer the person from one table to another by changing the height of bed.

Why health centers rely upon hospital suppliers for their business growth?

Healthcare centers have seen a consistent growth in previous years. As a result, there has been a growth in medical equipments, doctors, staff and number of patients.

To handle huge healthcare centers, it is essential to have a supplier to whom the organization can rely upon. The main job of any hospital supplier is to provide services that include invoicing process, procurement, warehousing etc.




Other than this, supplier is solely responsible to monitor the stock so that the inventory remains complete.

The quality of hospital supplies in NYC depends upon the type of supplier you have chosen. Therefore, it is imperative to find a reputed supplier who can maintain your hospital growth, because there are many healthcare centers that rely on them. The suppliers provide inventory varying from both ordinary to special items that can be of great use in routine operations.

The supplies and equipments that are commonly used in the hospitals include monitoring, diagnostic, and patient care equipments. These equipments are of great use as they help in detecting and preventing medical conditions. Moreover, they are imperative in patient therapy, recovery and health protection.

Hospital inventory includes the following-

Electrocardiogram units- these units are used to trace out the electrical activity of the heart.

Medical weighing scales- these are used for recording and monitoring patient’s weight in an accurate manner.

Sphygmomanometers- this equipment is used to examine and record patient’s blood pressure and heart condition.

Other than equipment, there are mobility devices namely crutches, wheel chairs, medical chairs, and transport and hospital beds.

X-ray machine and MRI- X-ray machine and (MRI) that is Magnetic Resonance Imaging apparatus are complex medical devices that are widely used in the hospitals to detect medical disorders more precisely.

Sterilizing device– this device is widely used in the hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare centers. It is used to clean the vessels, and other equipments that need to be sterilized. It also keeps them germs free, and effective for cleaning hospital instruments that needs cutting and non-disposable vessels.

Preservative appliance- the appliances includes medical refrigerator that maintains the temperature that is required to keep specimens, blood samples, and other biochemical equipments.

Other useful hospital resources that are found in everywhere in the hospitals include douche, surgical blades, cotton, surgical gloves, bandages, instrument boxes, antiseptics, needles, cleaning supplies, kidney trays, bedpans, and other sanitary products that are essential resources used to cure injuries.

What are the different features of an ultrasound table?

While buying any kind of medical exam table it is very important to take into account all the features of that table. Almost everywhere including hospitals, clinics, the tables are commonly used for different medical applications. It becomes easy for both patient and the doctor to carry out the examination properly.

ultasoungFollowing are some of the features of an ultrasound table

  • Wheels and brakes– number of situations come when the table needs to be moved from one room to another. Therefore, in that case wheels are very important for any kind of medical exam room table. The movement of table is required to be adjusted, so that the doctor does not face any kind of problem while treating the patient. Most of the table wheels have three locks. Brakes are necessary to stop the movement of the table.

  • Battery – with the improvement of technology, exam tables now come with a battery feature. With the help of this feature, the table can move automatically. This has become a more convenient way of carrying patients all around the health centers. Having a good battery backup is very important so that there is no need to recharge the battery frequently.

  • Handheld controllers– you can even adjust the position of the table according to the patient’s requirement. There are two types of controllers-

Handheld remote– this controller is used to adjust the height of the table depending upon the patient’s height and comfort.

Foot controller– this controller is used to adjust the back of the table according to the patient’s position.

  • Footrests– footrests help the patient to lie or sit in a comfortable position.

  • Knee crutches– knee crutches in table helps to hold the patient’s knee in the right position. A patient’s position need to be adjusted so that nothing wrong occurs because of the movement. The adjustment is made according to patient’s height and comfort.

  • Stirrups– adjusting the ankle position of a patient while examining is very important. This can be done by tightening or loosening the stirrups in the gear.

  • IV knob– this knob is used to adjust the back of the table according the requirement of the physician.

Before buying any kind of medical exam table or other medical related equipments and things, it is advisable to buy it from a professional and a licensed company who have experience in selling all the objects that are required for this particular profession.

What are the Key benefits of c-arm tables?

In the healthcare field, the requirements of C-arms tables are becoming essential equipment for use in operation theaters. Though there are many other tables are used in healthcare industry but c arm table is mostly used.

It is designed specifically for carrying out numerous medical imaging processes. These include like, cardiovascular, pain care and fluoroscopic. With the advancement in technology, more improved versions of c-arm tables are now available that includes automatic and semi-automatic, remote-controlled and multi-procedure tables. It enables to lower the amount of time needed to carry out the procedure. Moreover it has enhanced the performance and results.

C arm imaging Tables main function is to figure out the body parts from various angles without any kind of delays or obstructions. The procedure involves various treatments like carrying out surgeries relating to orthopedics, neurology, cardio thoracic procedures, and urology and cath lab procedures.

C-arm imaging machinery has brought a tremendous change in many surgical fields because of its affordability. In addition, these tables are available in wide range like it is automatic, remote-controlled, precise table movements, non-hydraulic design, provide high degree of rigidity, smooth, maintenance-friendly, free from spillage problems, and stability. Also it is rust and corrosion free.

Some more benefits of the c-arm table are as follows-

Durability – these c-arm tables are quiet durable. It is an advantage to many healthcare centers as they can use it for lot many years without getting it replaced due to the quality materials used in it.

Affordability – as discussed earlier, because c arm table are cost efficient it is widely used in many surgical fields. It is available in different varieties, price and options. You can easily choose the right one that fits your budget as well as your requirements.

Comfortable – Comfort is what everyone seeks for, especially in healthcare centers. C arm tables provide another benefit. It is quite comfortable as it is made up of thick padding. The patient will feel the comfort when he will sit or lay down and will never feel any discomfort during medical processes.

Weight capacity – These tables have light weight facility. It allows one to easily handle the weight of the patient during medical examination and treatments.

Some other features are-

  • Effortless operability

  • Acquire minimum space

  • Effective handling

  • battery backup

  • produce better images