Medical equipment helping in relieving pain

With the advancement in technology, complications involved in surgeries are omitted with an ease. The C-Arm is a technological advancement in the field of medical science, which helps in producing X-ray images. There is minimal invasiveness, which makes it easier to diagnose and treat patients effectively. It has helped in improving the process of surgeries on daily basis.

A C-Arm machine is named ‘C-arm’ due to its C-shaped design. The cost effectiveness is another aspect, which is involved with this medical tool.

The mobility factor of C–Arm imaging allows crisp, accurate, and efficient images with less pain to the patients. The plus point is this also that the body parts get less of the exposure to the X-rays, preventing patients from the harmful side effects of ultra violet rays. The radiation effect is quiet low.

The accessibility factor of C-Arm plays a vital role in a surgical theatre; it makes it easy for physicians to access on C-Arm. Any type of adjustment can be made on C-Arm, which accommodates and comforts patients in a big way.


The variation of the above in two forms available to us is plain fluoroscopy and digital subtraction angiography (DSA). The basic difference amongst the two forms is this only that the latter one can take pictures automatically, only the decision of rate of taking pictures need to be decided. The magnified readings help in coming to a conclusion in a confined manner.

The C-Arm is a valuable tool for surgical treatments and selection of the C-arm should be made cautiously. There are suppliers, which provide best of the quality products to their clients. The affordability and quality are main concerns in the field of medical sciences. The past and present customers of the supplier can provide a feedback for them, moreover, it is recommend to go online before making a purchase as related searches can tell a lot about the suppliers image in the industry.

In case of technical fault, the suppliers do arrange technician, who look into the matter and provide best of their services, so that their customer do not face any hassles. The warranty policy should be renewed within time frame so that there is a surety at the back of the mind. However, the return policy is also available for the ease of the customers by the suppliers.


A few features of pain management medical tables

Without medical furniture, no healthcare units can diagnose their patients and provide proper treatment. Before treatment plan could be prescribed, attending physicians sometimes have to conduct a few procedures on patients.

While some of the tests can be performed while the patient is seated, others require the patient to lie down. For example CT scan, Ultrasound, chest X-ray, and most of the tests in gynecology can only be performed if the patient is in lying posture.

Now doctors can’t use regular tables and beds that we use at home for performing those procedures and tests. They need specialized furniture for that purpose.
Tables happen to be the most importance medical furniture. They come in various styles, specifications, and each one is engineered to accommodate the needs of different physicals in healthcare. Just like every health condition requires a unique treatment plan, similarly different physicals will require beds and tables with different specifications.

One such type of table is C-arm table. This is best for conducting image-guided procedures. They are particularly engineered for delicate and complex procedures under pain management. These tables are designed for use by surgical centers, facilities that provide pain management programs, and units where fluoroscopy procedures are conducted.

This medical furniture is manufactured while keeping in mind quality and durability factors. They are of sturdy construction for increased longevity and longer shelf-life.

Strength and durability are two factors to look for while buying one such product. This is because of the fact that in hospitals, beds and tables constantly need to be moved here and there. Only products that are sturdy will be able to withstand the daily wear and tear, otherwise the parts will wear out and you will have to replace them very soon.



C-arm table

A few features that you can find in pain management tables would be:

1. Rolling casters so as to allow portability

2. Lock system to stabilize the furniture in the desired place

3. Adjustable height so that patients could be transferred from wheelchair to bed without causing physical discomfort to medical personnel or the patient

4. Adjustable height also creates a more comfortable working environment for medical staff

5. Sturdy frames for enduring more weight

6. Generous table length to facilitate imaging of larger areas

7. Comfortable table pad

8. Accessories for improved work efficiency. For example side-rails and IV poles are optional accessories that can be bought with these tables.

Lead lined cabinets ensure the safety of medical personnel against contamination!

Hospitals require a lot of tools and machinery to operate and perform the necessary procedures. For example, they must procure special types of medical exam cabinets, supplies, and specialized devices to examine and treat patients.

People who work in hospitals, especially in laboratory where tests are conducted are consistently exposed to harmful and radioactive substance.
Therefore to the ensure safety of medical personnel and avoid them from getting in touch with contaminated and harmful material, hospitals require special cabinets to store harmful substances. Those are called lead lined cabinets. It is a unique type of storage system which is specifically designed for storing decaying radioactive waste and similar materials.

Containers that are lined with lead provide several benefits to individuals who are consistently working in contagious environment. They greatly reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure to fatal radiation, not just to workers, but to public as well.

These containers are manufactured with disposable plastic liners that facilitate efficient and quick transfer of any harmful content.
They come with adjustable heavy-duty shelves inside the closet, which allows placement of contaminated material for the required amount of time until it is disposed off safely. The dimensions of such cupboards can vary substantially, depending on how many shelves are required in a hospital, and on the kind of material that is stored every day.

Majority of such storage systems feature stackable drawers that facilitate storage of radioisotopes on one side and, keep another side for decaying stuff. Most of the manufacturers like to put optional divider between the two drawers in order to separate the content from each other on either side.

Makers of lead lined containers put a coating of stainless steel on the drawers to create a product that is resistant to dents and can be easily cleaned. Unlike cabinets that have regular paint finish, steel does not damage or wear out.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can go for a product that has steel counter top with spill proof feature. Adjustable legs, is another great feature that facilitates easy installation and movement of the cabinet across the room.

Lead lined cabinets are manufactured in a way that doesn’t leave any room for accidental leakage of the material stored inside. They are completely spill and leak proof.