Lead lined cabinets ensure the safety of medical personnel against contamination!

Hospitals require a lot of tools and machinery to operate and perform the necessary procedures. For example, they must procure special types of medical exam cabinets, supplies, and specialized devices to examine and treat patients.

People who work in hospitals, especially in laboratory where tests are conducted are consistently exposed to harmful and radioactive substance.
Therefore to the ensure safety of medical personnel and avoid them from getting in touch with contaminated and harmful material, hospitals require special cabinets to store harmful substances. Those are called lead lined cabinets. It is a unique type of storage system which is specifically designed for storing decaying radioactive waste and similar materials.

Containers that are lined with lead provide several benefits to individuals who are consistently working in contagious environment. They greatly reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure to fatal radiation, not just to workers, but to public as well.

These containers are manufactured with disposable plastic liners that facilitate efficient and quick transfer of any harmful content.
They come with adjustable heavy-duty shelves inside the closet, which allows placement of contaminated material for the required amount of time until it is disposed off safely. The dimensions of such cupboards can vary substantially, depending on how many shelves are required in a hospital, and on the kind of material that is stored every day.

Majority of such storage systems feature stackable drawers that facilitate storage of radioisotopes on one side and, keep another side for decaying stuff. Most of the manufacturers like to put optional divider between the two drawers in order to separate the content from each other on either side.

Makers of lead lined containers put a coating of stainless steel on the drawers to create a product that is resistant to dents and can be easily cleaned. Unlike cabinets that have regular paint finish, steel does not damage or wear out.

Depending on the manufacturer, you can go for a product that has steel counter top with spill proof feature. Adjustable legs, is another great feature that facilitates easy installation and movement of the cabinet across the room.

Lead lined cabinets are manufactured in a way that doesn’t leave any room for accidental leakage of the material stored inside. They are completely spill and leak proof.


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