Why Specials Tables are required for Medical Imaging?

Like every other field, furniture is used in healthcare field too. C arm table is also a part of medical furniture. It is designed for medical imaging processes like pain care, cardiovascular or fluoroscopic. It is used for these treatments due to its multiple benefits such as:

Better positions – During imaging process, to get better images, it is necessary that patient is in the right position. This table comes with controllers which help physicians in changing positions easily. Healthcare professionals start the imaging procedure when patient is in right place to get the best image. Many tables come with a controller which helps in controlling positions.

Strong – This examination furniture is designed to be strong. It is made from strong materials, so that it can handle heavy weights. It is strong enough that physicians can reposition it even with patient’s weight on it.

Options – In this table, there are multiple options available. Physicians can get it in various heights, lengths and widths. In different healthcare centers, different furniture is used. One can choose according to their medical requirements.

Features – These tables offer variety of features like battery backup, accessory rails and lift motors etc. It provides a large imaging area, which is good for health procedures. It helps in producing better images. Since it is designed for medical imaging procedures, stability is added into its features. Being vibration free is another feature available in this equipment. In many equipment, there are attachable poles are provided too.

Durable – It is also very durable. Healthcare centers can use it for years without feeling the need of replacement. It can last for years due to the strong materials it is made of.

Affordable – Affordability is another feature of these tables. Any healthcare center or physician can afford it. It is available in different types, rates and options. One can easily find an option that fits in budget as well as fulfills all requirements.

Weight capacity – These tables have good weight capacity. Some types of this furniture can handle weight up to 650 lb. It can easily handle patient’s weight during medical treatments. This ability makes it a great choice for healthcare industry.

Comfortable – Comfort is another benefit of this medical furniture. It is very comfortable to sit and lay on. For comfort, thick padding is used in it. Patients never feel any kind of discomfort on it during their treatments.

Above mentioned benefits, make it popular in healthcare industry. It is designed for the comfort of patient as well as for the work of physicians. It is made in a way that physician is protected from radiation during treatments.


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