Get acquainted with the features of medical exam tables!

Wide ranges of medical appliances are used in the health care centers to serve some or the other purpose. Examination table is the one amongst those, which is more frequently seen and used.

If you are in the business of selling medical appliances to health care centers, then you need to be acquainted with its features, so that you do not end up making a wrong deal.

Following are its parts and components of C-Arm Imaging Tables:

Good battery backup

A battery backup of 110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz) is installed in the table making it easy for the patient’s family members to carry them easily around the health center. The battery is automatically recharged as well, thus requiring no fixing of batteries.

Handheld controllers

Adjusting of table can be done by few clicks. According to the patients hand and foot, table height, motion and back is adjusted easily. Two controllers are in it, which are:

Handheld remote: Height or position of gear is changed by it. Until the table is not reached to the desired position, appropriate buttons are clicked on remote.
Foot controller: Alongside adjustment of height, back of the table is adjusted according to the patient position. Foot controllers remote is used to change the fowler-back position from 0 to 85 degree.

Wheels and brakes

To make the table stand firm at a particular place, three locks and one steering is there in the 5” diameter swivel wheels. By pressing the breaks, the movement of table is installed. By pressing the breaks downward, the wheels get locked and stops the table, while to move the table, brakes are released.

Retractable footrest

To allow patient to lie of sit in a comfortable position, retractable footrest in the table helps in doing so.


According to the ankle of the patient, position of stirrups is adjusted on the gear. The position can easily be loosened or tightened with the adjustment of knob.

IV pole

Adjustment of table back can also be done by IV knob.

Knee crutches

While examining, patient’s position should lie on the right position. The knee crutches in the table allow holding the knee of patient on right position. With the patient height and comfortableness factor, height, leg angle, and crutch pads can be easily adjusted using a knob.

Drain bag holder

Unwanted material is stored in the drain bag that is attached to the hoop assembly of the table.


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