Do you know what things to look into when buying medical exam tables?

While buying medical supplies, where it is important to look into the experience and credibility of the supplier, it is also equally important to take into account the features of the medical supply (so that any wrong purchasing is not made).

In every medical setting, exam tables are commonly used for medical applications. With these supplies, medical examination of patients is conducted easily, which makes things easy for both the patients and physicians.

Following is detailed discussion about the parts and components of medical exam room tables:

Handheld controllers

Based on the patients comfort, the position of the table can be adjusted by the controllers installed in the table. Two types of controllers in it are:
Handheld remote: Depending on the height and comfort of patient, this controller is used to adjust the height of table.

Foot controller: With this controller, back of the table is adjusted according to the patient position. From 0 to 85 degree position can be made by the foot controllers remote.

Wheels and brakes

To conduct the medical examination, the movement of table must be adjusted, so that physician does not face any problem while treating the patient. Three locks are there in the 5” diameter swivel wheels of the table. Pressing the breaks will help stop the movement of table.

Battery backup

For the convenience to carry patients all around the health center, exam tables have automatic moving feature, which is run by a battery 110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz). The backup of battery is quite good, which does not require any recharging of batteries with electric charge.

Knee crutches

While examining, patient’s position needs to be adjusted, so that nothing wrong occurs because of the movement of patient.

Knee crutches are in the table that allows holding the patient’s knee in the right position. While doing adjustment in knee crutches, patient height and comfortableness, height and leg angle is seen.

Retractable footrest

For the comfort of patient, retractable footrest is there that allows them to lie of sit in a comfortable position.


To adjust the ankle of patient, stirrups in the gear are loosened or tightened that helps in adjusting the ankle of patient in a firm position.

IV pole

The table back is adjusted by IV knob, according to the patient comfort and requirement of physician to treat the patient.


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