What are the different types of tables used in a hospital?

Furniture not only refurbishes your room but also makes it presentable. There are times when you fall ill and forced to spent months sometimes years unwillingly. Don’t you think that will be more sickening, if you have to spend those days in mangy surrounding. It will be more dreadful specifically when you have to spend that difficult time sleeping or sitting in uncomfortable and tacky bed.

Filthy surroundings with grubby furniture in a place like hospital will make your patients more ill. That will end on losing the popularity of your business by trimming the list of regular patients. Do you want that to happen with you? I am sure that nobody wants that to happen with their business, because loosing even a single patient is like losing precious a gem. Not only a patient but the reputation of your entire business is at stake. So make sure you get your hospital furniture from the best company.

There are different types of tables used in Hospitals-

Electrical Tables- These tables are adjustable. They have special mattress and adjustable frames. It has an electronic motor which helps to adjust the positions of the tables for the convenience of patient.

These electronic beds are of two types Adjustable and Hi- low-

Adjustable table- It have an adjustable mattress and its frame can be adjusted according to convenience.

Hi-low Tables- These tables are adjustable where high of the bed can be changed. They are basically used for transferring patients from one place to another. They have comfortable spume mattress.

C- Arm tables It is basically designed for X-ray, made up of carbon- fibers covered with soft mattresses. Its radiolucent, polycarbonate material allows X-rays to pass through it.  They are comfortable and durable. It is specifically designed for fluoroscopy procedures.

Reflex Wheelchair and drafting Tables- It is best for those who use wheelchairs for their comfort and who are not able to walk and move. It has PVC edges, which prevents patients to fell down. Apart from hospitals these tables can be used in school.

Professional drafting tables- These tables are multipurpose used for variety of purposes, which include engineers, doctors, drafters, designers and artists.

Artist Tables- These tables are specifically designed for artists. You can fix them according to need. You can tilt them up to 90 degree and offers you more flexibility. They are mostly used in dental operation theatres.

Craft tables- These are used in operation theaters for crafting, for plastic surgical procedure and other places for work like sewing, designing, card creation, and for building model designs.

Apart from above mentioned tables there are various other tables used such as, operation theatre tables, Ultrasound tables, MRI tables, ICU room tables and maternity tables.

If you are new to the profession and dealers are offering you furniture comparatively at much low cost then doubtlessly there is something fishy. May be they are trying to doge you by selling poor quality of material.  Never make a deal with such dealers because one bad product may risk the life of your profession so be careful while finalizing a deal.

Make necessary enquiry that you get best product Furniture, which are easily adjustable, movable and compatible to meet patients need. So do make sure that you keep all these things in mind your mind before going to purchase furniture for your hospital.


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