Ultrasound tables with both comfort and safety

There are numerous varieties of ultrasound tables designed to serve the medical community through which health care professionals easily detect the problems related to human body by showing the real time images such as growth of fetus inside the womb, and other problems related to liver, heart, kidney, or the flow of blood.

Ultrasound is a process where high frequency sound waves are used to produce radiation free images and pictures of inner parts of our body. There are different kinds of tables designed to carry out different purposes ranging from multi-segmented, Multi-specialty exam tables, which comes with different features some with electric positioning options, electric height adjustment, drop-away foot panel, hidden stirrups and locking casters and the newest developed machines delivers motion pictures in three dimensions which makes these machines more luxurious and easily accessible.

Some of the tables designed to carry out different purposes are

The Sound Pro- a table which is used for electrocardiography fully equipped for OB/GYN purpose, which provides maximum comfort to both sonographer and patients this table, is helpful in reducing the total amount of time required to achieve a quality image.

The Ultra Pro table- which is one of the most common professional’s choices used in general ultrasound procedures, including OB/GYN. It requires less of patient’s movements, which reduces the fatigue and stress of sonographer. It gives best quality images in less time. It is designed in a latest technique where safety and comfort of both sonographer and patients is the primary concern. It comes with antimicrobial viny mattress which ensures the protection against various infections.

The Econo Ultrasound Tables – These tables are designed to carry same purposes as the Ultra Pro. All its features and functions are similar to ultra pro. It is more cost effective and offers a central floor – locking system.

The New Vasc Pro Vascular Ultrasound Tables -the New Vasc Pro table is designed to carry out the vascular scanning. It is cheap and durable. It provides best comfort and safety to patient during the lengthy procedures. Its unique design will help improve images by providing dramatic effects and virtually eliminates tedious strains. The foot support and body straps stabilize the patient safely and allow easier access of patients calves. It is helpful for scanning lower veins, and vessel dilation for faster and easier recognition of body structures. It comes with thick mattress and table adjustability.

C-arm Tables and medical procedure tables are also integral part of the laboratory. These tables are widely used for the purpose of the ultrasound and other related medical procedures.


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