Medical equipment-key to provide high quality care to patients

Medical examination tables are used to lay down the patient in a prone or a seated position to assist medical examination.

blDuring these examination of the patient, doctors use correct mechanism to operate and position the table in order to provide support to the patient, closely examine the patient and move the patient on and off the table.

This kind of furniture’s are designed keeping in mind patient comfort and safety. Also medical exam room tables vary from profession of the doctor like dermatology, urology, gynecology and orthopedic and many more are available.

Other than this medical examination furniture should long-lasting and robust so that patient safety is not at stake. Keeping this in mind the furniture’s designed for medical purpose have modifiable parts including head supports, back or leg rests and many other features. Also the height of some of the models can be customized. The ones with the wheels are easily movable to different place.

Some of the types of medical exam furniture are discussed below-

  • Fixed exam table- Examination tables are varnished with solid wood. It consists of a backrest that can be turned to 25° which is flexible by toothed rack. The top is made from high quality fire resistant padding and cover that is washable. It is used in clinics, patients room and examination department. The examination bed is very robust and last for long.

  • Electro hydraulic table- it is also known by the name Bariatric. It is height adjustable and can bare the load of around 500 kg. It consists of a circular switch that allow to height adjustment from any side and easy head section adjustment. Seamless padding in the table provides maximum comfort to the patients.

  • Electrical examination tables- it is made up of three section couch that reduces manual usage issues by giving proper positioning for patients comfort. Optional accessories can be added for future use of applications. It is accessible with either of retractable wheel or large wheel design.

  • Gynecological examination table- it is made from chromed steel structure available with pair of legs rests. To give more comfort to the patient backrest, footrests are added features given to provide full soothe to the patients.

  • Mechanical examination tables- mechanical tables consists of two sections of couch one is to place the head and rest of the body is laid. Upholstery is made from superiority materials which are defiant to disinfectants used in operating room. Color availability is commonly green but other colors are available only on request.


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