What are the different features of an ultrasound table?

While buying any kind of medical exam table it is very important to take into account all the features of that table. Almost everywhere including hospitals, clinics, the tables are commonly used for different medical applications. It becomes easy for both patient and the doctor to carry out the examination properly.

ultasoungFollowing are some of the features of an ultrasound table

  • Wheels and brakes– number of situations come when the table needs to be moved from one room to another. Therefore, in that case wheels are very important for any kind of medical exam room table. The movement of table is required to be adjusted, so that the doctor does not face any kind of problem while treating the patient. Most of the table wheels have three locks. Brakes are necessary to stop the movement of the table.

  • Battery – with the improvement of technology, exam tables now come with a battery feature. With the help of this feature, the table can move automatically. This has become a more convenient way of carrying patients all around the health centers. Having a good battery backup is very important so that there is no need to recharge the battery frequently.

  • Handheld controllers– you can even adjust the position of the table according to the patient’s requirement. There are two types of controllers-

Handheld remote– this controller is used to adjust the height of the table depending upon the patient’s height and comfort.

Foot controller– this controller is used to adjust the back of the table according to the patient’s position.

  • Footrests– footrests help the patient to lie or sit in a comfortable position.

  • Knee crutches– knee crutches in table helps to hold the patient’s knee in the right position. A patient’s position need to be adjusted so that nothing wrong occurs because of the movement. The adjustment is made according to patient’s height and comfort.

  • Stirrups– adjusting the ankle position of a patient while examining is very important. This can be done by tightening or loosening the stirrups in the gear.

  • IV knob– this knob is used to adjust the back of the table according the requirement of the physician.

Before buying any kind of medical exam table or other medical related equipments and things, it is advisable to buy it from a professional and a licensed company who have experience in selling all the objects that are required for this particular profession.


What are the Key benefits of c-arm tables?

In the healthcare field, the requirements of C-arms tables are becoming essential equipment for use in operation theaters. Though there are many other tables are used in healthcare industry but c arm table is mostly used.

It is designed specifically for carrying out numerous medical imaging processes. These include like, cardiovascular, pain care and fluoroscopic. With the advancement in technology, more improved versions of c-arm tables are now available that includes automatic and semi-automatic, remote-controlled and multi-procedure tables. It enables to lower the amount of time needed to carry out the procedure. Moreover it has enhanced the performance and results.

C arm imaging Tables main function is to figure out the body parts from various angles without any kind of delays or obstructions. The procedure involves various treatments like carrying out surgeries relating to orthopedics, neurology, cardio thoracic procedures, and urology and cath lab procedures.

C-arm imaging machinery has brought a tremendous change in many surgical fields because of its affordability. In addition, these tables are available in wide range like it is automatic, remote-controlled, precise table movements, non-hydraulic design, provide high degree of rigidity, smooth, maintenance-friendly, free from spillage problems, and stability. Also it is rust and corrosion free.

Some more benefits of the c-arm table are as follows-

Durability – these c-arm tables are quiet durable. It is an advantage to many healthcare centers as they can use it for lot many years without getting it replaced due to the quality materials used in it.

Affordability – as discussed earlier, because c arm table are cost efficient it is widely used in many surgical fields. It is available in different varieties, price and options. You can easily choose the right one that fits your budget as well as your requirements.

Comfortable – Comfort is what everyone seeks for, especially in healthcare centers. C arm tables provide another benefit. It is quite comfortable as it is made up of thick padding. The patient will feel the comfort when he will sit or lay down and will never feel any discomfort during medical processes.

Weight capacity – These tables have light weight facility. It allows one to easily handle the weight of the patient during medical examination and treatments.

Some other features are-

  • Effortless operability

  • Acquire minimum space

  • Effective handling

  • battery backup

  • produce better images