How Stretchers helps patients and medical personnel?

Most commonly used in medical units, stretchers are one of the most valuable tools used by medical rescue personnel. These are used when an injured person has to be safely transported. Those are the times when these medical beds provide ease to the people in health care to easily take the patient from one place to

Stretchers have various types that can be selected depending on what purpose they are needed for. Take a look at the most common purposes for which people use this tool.

As we mentioned earlier its most common usage is to transport injured and wounded people from site of accident in a way that causes the person minimum possible amount of discomfort and pain during movement.

Carrying an injured person on the stretcher keeps him safe from further injury, until the time he has been safely transferred to the rescue vehicle. In situations where the patient sustains spine related injures spine boards are used to immobile any back related movements.

Reeves stretchers are good when obese people need to be moved. They minimize the distress while the personnel is doing all the lifting and carrying related work.

Call it exam room furniture or just a transportation bed, it is one of the most important equipment in a medical facility.

Stretchers typically come with locking mechanism which prevents them from accidently moving along with the vehicle, to avoid injuries to the other people while they are doing their job.

These beds come with straps to hold the patient in right posture when the vehicle is moving, as a way to avoid the wound from aggravating. This way they function like a pain management table. Most of these also come with insulating mechanism to avoid the person from suffering from hypothermia while in transit period.

Not only ambulatory services, but stretchers are largely used as medical beds by doctors in hospitals. In hospitals these are used for easily transporting patients to treatment facility, without making them uncomfortable due to change in bodily movements.

If a patient is scheduled for some surgical process, he is placed first on a stretcher to facilitate easy movement through different areas in a hospital where the treatment facility is located. The height of stretcher is usually adjustable which makes it easy to transfer the person from one table to another by changing the height of bed.


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