What Benefits Do Medical Exam Tables Provides To Health Professionals?

Undoubtedly, every health care centers require a physician, nurses, and other healthcare faculties. Other than this, you cannot deny the fact that every health centers require essential medical equipment that includes medical furniture and many more. Everything has its own role to play for overall functioning of any hospital.

However, if we talk about medical exam room tables in NYC, these tables play an important role in both doctors and patients life. Doctors use these tables to conduct medical examination on the patient. If proper tables are not placed in the examination rooms, then doctors will not be able to perform diagnose on the patient and gather essential information.

Therefore, it is imperative to use fully equipped tables in the examination room, as this can benefit the doctors in lot many ways like-

  • The exam table provides full comfort to the patients when they either sit or lie down on the table.

  • Doctors can use exam tables to examine patient or to carry specialty examination like pelvic examination.

  • These tables allow the doctor to contort the table into different positions. This allows the doctor to review patient.

  • Other than this, exam tables assist the physicians to bring the patient up to the height of the doctor so that both the doctors as well as the patient do not face any inconvenience.

  • It also keeps the doctors aside from back strain like, they use to before when they use to bend in order to carry certain procedures on the patients.

Following are some of the features of the exam tables

Steps-Steps are included in the table that helps the patient with low height to sit or lie on the table with assistance of the step. The steps are fully adjustable and can be heightened or lowered according to the patient’s height.

Backrest– backrest feature of the exam table helps the patient in lot of ways, as patient can adjust themselves according to their own comfort. Moreover, doctor can move patient’s body within reach of their arm.

Stirrups-The stirrup are also the part of exam table that helps the female during pelvic exam. It can be separated from the table to help the female patient get ready.

Drawers-In addition, provision for drawers are also available that allows the doctors to store the necessary things that are required at the time of examination.


Important features that you need to consider before buying an ultrasound table

Be it a hospital, clinic, or any other healthcare institution, medical exam tables are required everywhere. These tables are required for different purposes and there is variety of tables available, which includes the basic tables, tables for various treatments, gynecology exam tables, and tables for other purposes.screenshot-www towermedicalsystems com 2015-08-12 12-53-33

However, if you are planning to buy ultrasound tables for your hospitals, make sure to take into account all the necessary features of the tables before buying.

  • Firstly, always check the wheels and brakes of the table properly. These medical tables are frequently moved from one room to another for carrying out different medical examinations. So make sure that the wheels are designed smoothly and allow easy mobility so that the patients can be moved freely from an exam room to a procedure room without any difficulty. Normally, the ultrasound table has 2-inch casters. Moreover, apart from wheels, brakes are equally important. Mostly the table wheels have lock system, which helps to secure the table on the floor and prevent any movement.

  • Stirrups are an important feature of these medical tables. Easy adjustable stirrups are designed to adjust the ankle position of the patient while carrying out any medical examination. Once the foot section is lowered, the stirrups are easily slid out and moved to the position that best fits the procedure.

  • These tables are also available with handheld controller as well. These controllers are used to adjust the position of the table according to the patient’s requirement. This controller is used to activate height and motion. There are two types of handheld controllers’ i.e. handheld remote and foot controller. The handheld remote is used to adjust the height of the table depending on the patient’s height and comfort whereas the foot controller is used to adjust the back of the table according to the patient’s position.

  • Now days, these tables comes with a new battery feature which allows the movement of table automatically. With the introduction of this feature, it has become convenient to carry patient all around the hospital. Therefore, if you are planning to buy, you can consider the table with the battery feature.

  • Look for knee crutches, which are important to hold the patient knee in the right position. The knee should be adjusted in a manner that nothing wrong occurs because of the movement.

Therefore, do not forget to look for the aforementioned features, if you are planning to buy a medical table for your clinic of hospital.