What are the Key benefits of c-arm tables?

In the healthcare field, the requirements of C-arms tables are becoming essential equipment for use in operation theaters. Though there are many other tables are used in healthcare industry but c arm table is mostly used.

It is designed specifically for carrying out numerous medical imaging processes. These include like, cardiovascular, pain care and fluoroscopic. With the advancement in technology, more improved versions of c-arm tables are now available that includes automatic and semi-automatic, remote-controlled and multi-procedure tables. It enables to lower the amount of time needed to carry out the procedure. Moreover it has enhanced the performance and results.

C arm imaging Tables main function is to figure out the body parts from various angles without any kind of delays or obstructions. The procedure involves various treatments like carrying out surgeries relating to orthopedics, neurology, cardio thoracic procedures, and urology and cath lab procedures.

C-arm imaging machinery has brought a tremendous change in many surgical fields because of its affordability. In addition, these tables are available in wide range like it is automatic, remote-controlled, precise table movements, non-hydraulic design, provide high degree of rigidity, smooth, maintenance-friendly, free from spillage problems, and stability. Also it is rust and corrosion free.

Some more benefits of the c-arm table are as follows-

Durability – these c-arm tables are quiet durable. It is an advantage to many healthcare centers as they can use it for lot many years without getting it replaced due to the quality materials used in it.

Affordability – as discussed earlier, because c arm table are cost efficient it is widely used in many surgical fields. It is available in different varieties, price and options. You can easily choose the right one that fits your budget as well as your requirements.

Comfortable – Comfort is what everyone seeks for, especially in healthcare centers. C arm tables provide another benefit. It is quite comfortable as it is made up of thick padding. The patient will feel the comfort when he will sit or lay down and will never feel any discomfort during medical processes.

Weight capacity – These tables have light weight facility. It allows one to easily handle the weight of the patient during medical examination and treatments.

Some other features are-

  • Effortless operability

  • Acquire minimum space

  • Effective handling

  • battery backup

  • produce better images


How Medical Tables prove to be effective in Medical treatment?

The medical facilities make every other effort to ensure that patients wound heal at the earliest possible. The medical staff fulfills all the facilities required by patients. From the time, a patient enter medical facilities to their exit, each aspect is taken care.

Medical facilities are always there to help patients. The medical furniture is also designed in such a manner that maximum comfort and ease is provided to patients. The measurement of each medical table, chair and other furniture is done in such a manner that Physicians are able to operate on patients easily. On the other hand, patients are also able to feel comfortable and at ease, while operation is being conducted.

AIC2500tbThe installation of accessories like motorized movement, linear bearings, battery backup option and large area for radiolucent purposes is an added advantage in medical tables. The technology has allowed inclusion of various parameters, which provide huge benefits to patients as well as physicians.

The C arm table manufacturers in NY ensure that more and more accessories are installed, which ensure maximum comfort and ease to patients. The provisions related to physicians are also taken care by manufacturers. The more calm and quiet patients are on medical tables, more benefits it is for physicians. The physicians are able to operate patients in a suitable manner. The relaxed posture of patients would result in operation in calm and compose manner.

The conducting of medical procedures is a complicated process. There might be difficulty and stress for patients, if they are not able to sit properly on medical tables. The arrangement for patients is the most important aspect. The comfort and ease in lying on medical tables are some of the important points, which need to be fulfilled by the manufacturers of medical tables.

The medical facilities making an effort to purchase medical furniture should make sure that go through online reputation of manufacturers. The reviews and comments available online can make a huge difference in selection. Other aspect, which needs to be kept in mind before purchasing is warranty and return policy. These two aspects ensure that customers are at an ease while purchasing. There is no risk involved as such when customers put forward their order. The quality assurance and best service are the integral policies of manufacturers of medical tables.

Use of medical tables in healthcare

There are assortments of medical tables used in healthcare systems. Different types of medical tables are made keeping in mind the needs or requirements of the doctors, other health officials, hospitals and other faculty members.

hfThese tables are made up from diverse materials like wood, steel, or cabinet types medical tables. These tables are well built keeping in mind the comfort, ease to use, durability, and also patient’s comfort.

Healthcare has become much advanced as these days where equipments are available and placed instantly. Medical tables have become so innovative and user friendly that it provides easy to use solutions as beds for patients in hospitals, ambulance beds, for private practices etc.

Medical tables in New York improves patient’s health and is used by health care providers to offer high quality comfort and safety to the patients.

Types of medical tables –

  • Multipurpose exam tables– medical tables are made to perform all the clinical treatments like ultrasound, proctology, general treatment or an observation that brings efficient workflow and helps in creating a pleasing atmosphere. Variety of exam tables have been developed that offers you with the kind of flexibility required to take care of the patients at the time of treatment. These tables are offered in different range like exam lift table to peninsula tables or fixed height tables. They provide high quality of casework.

  • Fixed c-arm tables– fixed arm tables are designed to provide the best usage and also with best performance to the patients and the officials. It is made up of best quality materials and each of the accessories attached to the table performs multiple tasks. They are designed to bring in desired result as they offer vibration free positioning. It also has the free to float feature which is placed near to the handgrip. They are used in radiology, veterinary, morgues etc.

  • C-arm Imaging Table- The C-Arm Imaging Tables is designed to meet the stability, vibration-free positioning which are quiet essential . It consists of fiber tabletop, and provides option for portable arms. The rectangular area of the table gives you additional space. It carries patient’s capacity of 500lbs.

  • Scanner cart– they are used for MRI scan, to transport the patient, fixed height surgery and much more. It is very economical yet very strong and is much more. It can be used to handle patient’s pain by image studies.