Points To Consider When Purchasing Medical Exam Room Tables

tablesWhen you enter medical profession, other than performing good medical practice, you need to have good medical exam equipment in order to carry out the practice efficiently.

You may find a variety of medical equipment when you visit a dealer for purchasing it. These furniture’s come in types, brands, and manufacturers of medical exam tables in the market so it becomes quiet imperative for you to choose wisely like what type of furniture will best suit your needs.

Apparently, if you want to buy the best deal without compromising on the quality, then it is advisable to find out a reliable manufacturer who will not only help you in buying quality furniture but at the same time will provide you the kind of furniture that will suit your requirements.

However, before you finalize the deal, here are a few things that you should consider-

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to look for your requirements well before visiting a dealer, as this will ensure you that you are buying the right gear. In addition, it is very important to purchase the furniture according to your practice. Make sure that you are buying the right medical exam room tables or any other furniture, as buying any will not serve your purpose well rather it lead to sheer waste of your money along with unnecessary bother.

Secondly, when you will be having look of furniture, don’t forget to get acquainted with all the features and specification that the furniture has so that you are able to choose the right one.

Thirdly, if you are looking for a quality product then make sure you take assistance of a reputed and a reliable manufacturer. This will not only assure you that you are buying the right product but also at the same time will give you sense of inner satisfaction that you have chosen the right deal. You can choose a reliable manufacturer by surfing well around your place or searching on the internet. You can take help from references, read online reviews, and ask your colleagues about the medical furniture and their advantages.

Last but not the least, when you are buying the product make sure that you get the warranty card signed by the manufacturer. This is to ensure that if incase your product is damaged you can easily get it repaired or replaced easily.


Why health centers rely upon hospital suppliers for their business growth?

Healthcare centers have seen a consistent growth in previous years. As a result, there has been a growth in medical equipments, doctors, staff and number of patients.

To handle huge healthcare centers, it is essential to have a supplier to whom the organization can rely upon. The main job of any hospital supplier is to provide services that include invoicing process, procurement, warehousing etc.




Other than this, supplier is solely responsible to monitor the stock so that the inventory remains complete.

The quality of hospital supplies in NYC depends upon the type of supplier you have chosen. Therefore, it is imperative to find a reputed supplier who can maintain your hospital growth, because there are many healthcare centers that rely on them. The suppliers provide inventory varying from both ordinary to special items that can be of great use in routine operations.

The supplies and equipments that are commonly used in the hospitals include monitoring, diagnostic, and patient care equipments. These equipments are of great use as they help in detecting and preventing medical conditions. Moreover, they are imperative in patient therapy, recovery and health protection.

Hospital inventory includes the following-

Electrocardiogram units- these units are used to trace out the electrical activity of the heart.

Medical weighing scales- these are used for recording and monitoring patient’s weight in an accurate manner.

Sphygmomanometers- this equipment is used to examine and record patient’s blood pressure and heart condition.

Other than equipment, there are mobility devices namely crutches, wheel chairs, medical chairs, and transport and hospital beds.

X-ray machine and MRI- X-ray machine and (MRI) that is Magnetic Resonance Imaging apparatus are complex medical devices that are widely used in the hospitals to detect medical disorders more precisely.

Sterilizing device– this device is widely used in the hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare centers. It is used to clean the vessels, and other equipments that need to be sterilized. It also keeps them germs free, and effective for cleaning hospital instruments that needs cutting and non-disposable vessels.

Preservative appliance- the appliances includes medical refrigerator that maintains the temperature that is required to keep specimens, blood samples, and other biochemical equipments.

Other useful hospital resources that are found in everywhere in the hospitals include douche, surgical blades, cotton, surgical gloves, bandages, instrument boxes, antiseptics, needles, cleaning supplies, kidney trays, bedpans, and other sanitary products that are essential resources used to cure injuries.

What are the different features of an ultrasound table?

While buying any kind of medical exam table it is very important to take into account all the features of that table. Almost everywhere including hospitals, clinics, the tables are commonly used for different medical applications. It becomes easy for both patient and the doctor to carry out the examination properly.

ultasoungFollowing are some of the features of an ultrasound table

  • Wheels and brakes– number of situations come when the table needs to be moved from one room to another. Therefore, in that case wheels are very important for any kind of medical exam room table. The movement of table is required to be adjusted, so that the doctor does not face any kind of problem while treating the patient. Most of the table wheels have three locks. Brakes are necessary to stop the movement of the table.

  • Battery – with the improvement of technology, exam tables now come with a battery feature. With the help of this feature, the table can move automatically. This has become a more convenient way of carrying patients all around the health centers. Having a good battery backup is very important so that there is no need to recharge the battery frequently.

  • Handheld controllers– you can even adjust the position of the table according to the patient’s requirement. There are two types of controllers-

Handheld remote– this controller is used to adjust the height of the table depending upon the patient’s height and comfort.

Foot controller– this controller is used to adjust the back of the table according to the patient’s position.

  • Footrests– footrests help the patient to lie or sit in a comfortable position.

  • Knee crutches– knee crutches in table helps to hold the patient’s knee in the right position. A patient’s position need to be adjusted so that nothing wrong occurs because of the movement. The adjustment is made according to patient’s height and comfort.

  • Stirrups– adjusting the ankle position of a patient while examining is very important. This can be done by tightening or loosening the stirrups in the gear.

  • IV knob– this knob is used to adjust the back of the table according the requirement of the physician.

Before buying any kind of medical exam table or other medical related equipments and things, it is advisable to buy it from a professional and a licensed company who have experience in selling all the objects that are required for this particular profession.

What are the Key benefits of c-arm tables?

In the healthcare field, the requirements of C-arms tables are becoming essential equipment for use in operation theaters. Though there are many other tables are used in healthcare industry but c arm table is mostly used.

It is designed specifically for carrying out numerous medical imaging processes. These include like, cardiovascular, pain care and fluoroscopic. With the advancement in technology, more improved versions of c-arm tables are now available that includes automatic and semi-automatic, remote-controlled and multi-procedure tables. It enables to lower the amount of time needed to carry out the procedure. Moreover it has enhanced the performance and results.

C arm imaging Tables main function is to figure out the body parts from various angles without any kind of delays or obstructions. The procedure involves various treatments like carrying out surgeries relating to orthopedics, neurology, cardio thoracic procedures, and urology and cath lab procedures.

C-arm imaging machinery has brought a tremendous change in many surgical fields because of its affordability. In addition, these tables are available in wide range like it is automatic, remote-controlled, precise table movements, non-hydraulic design, provide high degree of rigidity, smooth, maintenance-friendly, free from spillage problems, and stability. Also it is rust and corrosion free.

Some more benefits of the c-arm table are as follows-

Durability – these c-arm tables are quiet durable. It is an advantage to many healthcare centers as they can use it for lot many years without getting it replaced due to the quality materials used in it.

Affordability – as discussed earlier, because c arm table are cost efficient it is widely used in many surgical fields. It is available in different varieties, price and options. You can easily choose the right one that fits your budget as well as your requirements.

Comfortable – Comfort is what everyone seeks for, especially in healthcare centers. C arm tables provide another benefit. It is quite comfortable as it is made up of thick padding. The patient will feel the comfort when he will sit or lay down and will never feel any discomfort during medical processes.

Weight capacity – These tables have light weight facility. It allows one to easily handle the weight of the patient during medical examination and treatments.

Some other features are-

  • Effortless operability

  • Acquire minimum space

  • Effective handling

  • battery backup

  • produce better images

How Medical Equipment Manufacturers have contributed in delivering top Medical Services?

The medical facilities need to ensure that the best of the infrastructure is made available to patients. The state of the art infrastructure helps in healing of wounds of patients. It is due to the reason that patients are able to sit or lie down properly on medical tables. The physicians operating on patients are also able to draw huge benefits because they can operate on them with an ease.

On medical tables, Doctors are not required to stretch much as they can operate on patients easily. Medical tables have added features and these tables prove to be effecting while operating patients. The add-on features have proved to be beneficial not only for the patients but also for Doctors as well.

Various features have their own advantages and following is the list of features, which are available in medical furniture’s–

Adjusting Heavy Weights – The medical tables are manufactured in such a manner that patients up to the weight of 450 lbs can be accommodated. The patients need not worry at all that how they would be accommodated as these tables are designed in such a manner to provide maximum comfort to patients.

Maximizing Table size – The length and width of medical furniture has also been extended in such a manner, that maximum comfort is provided to the patients. The patients are able to sit calmly and further operations can be done with an ease.

Height Adjustability – The height does matters when operation is taking place. The patients need not face any inconvenience while operation is going, therefore, there is availability of height adjustment feature in medical furniture.

Above are some of the features described, available in medical equipment in NYC. However, there are many other advantages as well. The manufacturers of above products provide other benefits to customers as well. Example, financing, repair, maintenance and other options are available for the customers.

In finance option, customers can go online and fill in details or one can contact specialists for any sort of queries. The best possible solutions would be provided to the customers. Taking aspect of repair and maintenance, there is availability of Engineers, who might visit premises for repair.

There is availability of different contracts, which can help in fulfilling customer’s needs. The contracts are available yearly, maintenance contracts, technical support contracts. A customer can choose any of the contracts as per their convenience.

Medical equipment-key to provide high quality care to patients

Medical examination tables are used to lay down the patient in a prone or a seated position to assist medical examination.

blDuring these examination of the patient, doctors use correct mechanism to operate and position the table in order to provide support to the patient, closely examine the patient and move the patient on and off the table.

This kind of furniture’s are designed keeping in mind patient comfort and safety. Also medical exam room tables vary from profession of the doctor like dermatology, urology, gynecology and orthopedic and many more are available.

Other than this medical examination furniture should long-lasting and robust so that patient safety is not at stake. Keeping this in mind the furniture’s designed for medical purpose have modifiable parts including head supports, back or leg rests and many other features. Also the height of some of the models can be customized. The ones with the wheels are easily movable to different place.

Some of the types of medical exam furniture are discussed below-

  • Fixed exam table- Examination tables are varnished with solid wood. It consists of a backrest that can be turned to 25° which is flexible by toothed rack. The top is made from high quality fire resistant padding and cover that is washable. It is used in clinics, patients room and examination department. The examination bed is very robust and last for long.

  • Electro hydraulic table- it is also known by the name Bariatric. It is height adjustable and can bare the load of around 500 kg. It consists of a circular switch that allow to height adjustment from any side and easy head section adjustment. Seamless padding in the table provides maximum comfort to the patients.

  • Electrical examination tables- it is made up of three section couch that reduces manual usage issues by giving proper positioning for patients comfort. Optional accessories can be added for future use of applications. It is accessible with either of retractable wheel or large wheel design.

  • Gynecological examination table- it is made from chromed steel structure available with pair of legs rests. To give more comfort to the patient backrest, footrests are added features given to provide full soothe to the patients.

  • Mechanical examination tables- mechanical tables consists of two sections of couch one is to place the head and rest of the body is laid. Upholstery is made from superiority materials which are defiant to disinfectants used in operating room. Color availability is commonly green but other colors are available only on request.

How Medical Tables prove to be effective in Medical treatment?

The medical facilities make every other effort to ensure that patients wound heal at the earliest possible. The medical staff fulfills all the facilities required by patients. From the time, a patient enter medical facilities to their exit, each aspect is taken care.

Medical facilities are always there to help patients. The medical furniture is also designed in such a manner that maximum comfort and ease is provided to patients. The measurement of each medical table, chair and other furniture is done in such a manner that Physicians are able to operate on patients easily. On the other hand, patients are also able to feel comfortable and at ease, while operation is being conducted.

AIC2500tbThe installation of accessories like motorized movement, linear bearings, battery backup option and large area for radiolucent purposes is an added advantage in medical tables. The technology has allowed inclusion of various parameters, which provide huge benefits to patients as well as physicians.

The C arm table manufacturers in NY ensure that more and more accessories are installed, which ensure maximum comfort and ease to patients. The provisions related to physicians are also taken care by manufacturers. The more calm and quiet patients are on medical tables, more benefits it is for physicians. The physicians are able to operate patients in a suitable manner. The relaxed posture of patients would result in operation in calm and compose manner.

The conducting of medical procedures is a complicated process. There might be difficulty and stress for patients, if they are not able to sit properly on medical tables. The arrangement for patients is the most important aspect. The comfort and ease in lying on medical tables are some of the important points, which need to be fulfilled by the manufacturers of medical tables.

The medical facilities making an effort to purchase medical furniture should make sure that go through online reputation of manufacturers. The reviews and comments available online can make a huge difference in selection. Other aspect, which needs to be kept in mind before purchasing is warranty and return policy. These two aspects ensure that customers are at an ease while purchasing. There is no risk involved as such when customers put forward their order. The quality assurance and best service are the integral policies of manufacturers of medical tables.

Parts and components of C-arm imaging table

Imagine health care centers without necessary medical equipment? Surely, impossible!

Medical equipment are essential need for health care centers for the examination of patients. Prime equipment used in health centers are examination tables. These help doctors to carryout patient’s examination successfully.

If you are running a health care center and require buying any of these tables like C-Arm imaging for your center, then before making a deal, you need to be acquainted with its features.

Following are its parts and components of these tables-

Battery backup

110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz) battery backup is there in these tables. No additional batteries are required to be fixed as these can be automatically recharged. This feature provides luxury to patients or their family members to carry them anywhere around the health center.

Handheld controllers

Using two controllers called handheld and foot controller table height, motion, and back can easily be adjusted.

  • Handheld remote- Table position can be changed according to the position of patient that makes him comfortable. Button is pressed till the time table does not reaches to the desired position.

  • Foot controller- Table back is adjusted by foot controller. This is also adjusted keeping in mind the comfort of patient. From 0 to 85 degree of back position can be changed with foot controller remote.

Wheels and brakes

To allow doctors carry out patient’s examination easily, tables required being fixed to one location. This does not require removing of wheels from the tables, instead locking the table wheels makes table stand firmly on one place.

Three locks and one steering of 5” diameter swivel wheels is there, which when pressed stops the movement of table.

Retractable footrest

If patients are required being made sit for examination, the retractable footrest in the table allows patients to sit in a comfortable position.


Ankle position of patient can be adjusted on this gear with stirrups. It can be loosen or tighten with a knob according to the comfort of patient.

IV pole

Back of the table is adjusted by IV knob. This also require considering the comfort of patient.

Knee crutches

To fix patient’s position in right position during examination, knee crutches in the table allows holding the knee of patient firmly and in right position. This is adjusted according to the patient height and leg angle.

Drain bag holder

Doctors require throwing used material while conducting the examination. Drain bag attached to the hoop assembly of the table is used for this purpose.